Appendix 5 Adult Questionnaire (ATS-DLD-78-A) Children's Questionnaire (ATS-DLD-78-C) ATS-DLD-78-A Adult Questionnaire NAME: (Last) (Street or Route No.) (First) (Middle Initial) ADDRESS: (City) (County)
June 17, 2015
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So we did get you working we got you synced up and these do last after the conference okay they'll keep going long after that so the app is going to work for as long as you want to use it we started hecka health really to focus on all this great new technology and digital health and how can we work with other folks within the healthcare ecosystem bring them together because health care is really complex and we saw this idea of and it's easier said than done but how do we bring everybody together align interest so that we come together and makes it much more powerful worst our strength is the technology platform very modular really easy to customize but the other piece is how do we align interest of other players the association the biopharma teams that we work with the healthcare providers physicians pharmacists nurses how do we work through it so that we are all trying to go to the end same objective but we have a little different lens that we're looking at that how do we bring them together and work together because then you can really make an impact that's what really we saw is like there's just people doing it on their own and we wanted to do it together with other folks bring in their strengths the folks at the American Diabetes Association we just had done event met the folks from the American Thoracic Society and said all you got to do this and they had been thinking about this and so they actually introduced us to them the key for us is listening and saying what are you trying to get what's your objective and we talked about getting you know one is they wanted to get their 15,000 or 20,000 people that come to this conference engage have some fun friendly competition liven it up because they are you know they're going sitting down at a lot of different conferences but in between let's get some steps and walk the talk but then they also have sponsors that come here that are in their exhibit hall that want to engage more deeply with the participants and you know they have their banners up extension but they also want to engage in a more meaningful level so this is where they nearly went to heaven tever was excited they're like that's a great way for us to promote sort of the healthy living concept get us engaged with them people are stopping by their booth asking questions engaging with their with their staff there so that's a great win for them and again we're sort of we're the glue that puts it together so it's our technology platform and we try to make it as turnkey and for the participants but also 80s and tivo because they have a lot of other things just take that load off them but it really is fun and center the 80s walking challenge supported by teby and being able to brand it like that I think that makes folks really again we're aligned interest they're all we're putting their interests in front of it and then in the end that makes it a participant's excited but it works really what makes us successful as well the participants have...